Construction Technology: Electrical I & II

CONSTRUCTION TRADES: ELECTRICAL I includes classroom and laboratory experiences focused on the installation and repair of the electrical and wiring systems of physical structures. This course includes instruction on the reading of technical drawings and their application in construction processes.

Topics include the relationship between views and details, interpretation of dimension, transposing scale, tolerance, electrical symbols, sections, material lists, architectural plans, room schedules and plot plans. This course covers both AC and DC circuits.

Studies include electron theory, Ohm’s Law, Watt’s Law, Kirchhoff’s Law, series circuits, series-parallel circuits, and other electrical concepts. Students will use the underlying scientific principles related to electricity, to complete construction projects. Mathematical principles will be used to solve electrical problems. Students will also interpret health, safety, and welfare standards and codes as dictated by local, state or federal agencies.

CONSTRUCTION TRADES: ELECTRICAL II includes classroom and laboratory experiences in residential wiring. This includes electrical service, metering equipment, lighting, switches, outlets and other common components.

The course also covers methods of installation and maintenance of the residential wiring system in accordance with the current National Electrical Code. Additionally, it presents methods and techniques for troubleshooting appliances, motors, motor controls, relay wiring, commercial wiring and industrial wiring systems. It also covers wiring methods and material selection for commercial and industrial wiring systems.

Studies include mechanical installation of hardware as well as electrical design and layout. Instruction in thinking critically to analyze, synthesize, and evaluate technical problems and information will also be covered as it relates to health, safety, and welfare standards and codes as dictated by local, state or federal agencies

Recommended Grade: 12 

Required Prerequisites: Construction Technology: Electrical I 

Recommended Prerequisites: none

Credits: semester course, 2 semesters required, 1-3 credits per semester, 6 credits maximum 

Counts as a Directed Elective or Elective for all diplomas 

Qualifies as a Quantitative Reasoning course

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